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SkyCaddie Breeze Gps

SkyCaddie Breeze GpsSkyCaddie Breeze Gps

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SkyCaddie Breeze Gps

It's a breeze to use, and affordable too! SkyGolf, maker of the #1 rated and most reliable rangefinder in golf, introduces the SkyCaddie® Breeze™, the simplest rangefinder in golf. The Breeze is unbeatable value for golfers looking for a simple and affordable way to improve their game without compromising on quality and accuracy. SkyCaddie's new Breeze is your virtual sprinkler head; offering you front, middle and back of the green distances from anywhere on the course without touching a button or aiming.



  • Hands-free from the car park to the 18th green 
  • BIG, easy-to-read numbers 
  • Intelligent Automation ensures reliable distance info 
  • Ready before you need it, without pushing buttons or aiming a laser 
  • AutoView - Green yardages zoom to Jumbo View or allow a peek at your scorecard with a simple twist of the wrist 
  • Auto Distance - Updates every second without aiming 
  • Auto Course - Finds and loads your course automatically 
  • Auto Hole - Advances to the next hole before you get there 
  • Upgradeable Feature Packs can add IntelliGreen Pro™, HoleVue™, * 
  • QuickVue™, Dynamic RangeVue™ and PinPosition™ Technology 
  • Distances to the front, centre and back of the green 
  • Large 3-inch, sunlight-readable, high-resolution display 
  • Measure any shot – know your exact club distances 
  • Intelligent automation 
  • Digital scoring and statistical tracking 
  • Updatable preloaded courses 
  • Almost 30,000 Ground-Verified Course Maps


Sync with ClubSG, SkyGolf's online community, to analyse your game and see key golf stats Ends.


Most importantly, the Breeze provides the unmatched quality of a SkyCaddie in an easy-to-use device that performs more accurately than any others on the market. 


'The new Breeze addresses the needs of a large segment of golfers who are looking for simplicity and accuracy at a price which makes it easier for them to join the SkyCaddie family,' according to SkyGolf CEO Richard Edmonson. 'Even more excitingly, the Breeze is also upgradable to provide many other game saving course features and applications that help golfers play even better as their needs and their games grow. This will enable Breeze owners to customise their SkyCaddie to meet their unique needs as golfers without buying a new device or buy features they would not use.' Breeze owners seeking more advanced stroke-saving features such as HoleVue, IntelliGreen, RangeVue and PinPoint can do so with a series of optional upgrade packs and membership choices.


GolfStoreEurope is Europe’s leading provider of specialist golf equipment. Based in Ireland and boasting stores up and down the country, the retailer also gives customers the opportunity to order an array of top golf accessories on the web. 


The staff at the company emanates a clear passion for the sport and so is able to cater for both amateur and professional golfers alike

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