Ping G430 HL Hybrid - Custom Fit From  €339.00

1 - Hand Choice
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Ping Hand Choice
Seine fair zu sagen, dass diese Option ist selbsterklärend ... Wähle Rechte Hand, wenn Sie Rechtshänder sind ... Wähle Linke Hand, wenn Sie Linkshänder sind.
2 - Loft Choice
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Ping Loft Choice
Please choose the Loft you require.
3 - Shaft Selection
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Ping Shaft Selection
Please Choose the Shaft you require in your Club. There are many different shafts available to suit differing abilities and needs.
4 - Grip Choice
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Ping Grip Choice
Please Choose the Grip you would like to have on your club.
5 - Grip Size
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Ping Grip Size
Seit Griffgröße ist so ein wichtiger Pass variable, Ping Hersteller Griffe in Vielzahl von verschiedenen Größen (Durchmesser) oder Farbcodes. Griffstärke kann einen dramatischen Einfluss auf den Ballflug haben, da es wirkt sich auf die Freigabe der Hände durch impact.Colour Codes gleichzusetzen: Orange 16.1 .. Gold-1/32 .. White Standard..Aqua -1 / 64..Red -1 / 32..Blue -3/64 ..
6 - Club Length
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Ping Club Length
Having the proper golf club length is a key ingredient to being able to make a good golf swing. Clubs that are too short or too long will hinder your ability to rotate and properly transfer your weight during the swing. It could also cause you to ground the club too early if they are too long or top the ball if they are too short

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The PING G430 HL Hybrid has been designed for slower swing speed golfers who don’t generate sufficient clubhead speed and ball velocity from traditionally weighted clubs. Custom engineered with lighter backweights (5.5g), ultra-light shafts and grips. PING have lowered the overall system weight so golfers can swing faster and generate more ball speed for higher launching, longer carrying shots across the entire set. With six loft options they are ideal mid- and long-iron replacements to help fill distance gaps in a player's game.

Features & Benefits:

The Carbonfly Wrap saves eight grams of weight (compared to a steel crown) that is allocated to lower the CG for increasing ball speed while providing a pleasing sound.

The thin, high strength maraging steel face wraps into the sole and crown of the stainless-steel body to increase flexing, contributing to the higher ball speeds.

Spinsistency’s variable roll radius creates less loft low on the face to improve performance on thin shots by reducing spin and increasing ball speed for added distance.

A tungsten back weight extends the perimeter weighting to ensure forgiveness.

The lightweight, 8-position hosel enables adjustments for loft (±1.5°) and lie (3° flatter than std.) to further dial in ball flight for the best results.


Club Loft Adjustability Length Lie Angle Swingweight
3-Hybrid 19.0° ±1.5° 40 1/4" 1/4 57.5° C7
4-Hybrid 22.0° ±1.5° 39 3/4" 3/4 58° C7
5-Hybrid 26.0° ±1.5° 39 1/4" 1/4 58.5° C7
6-Hybrid 30.0° ±1.5° 38 3/4" 3/4 59° C7
7-hybrid 34.0° ±1.5° 38 1/4" 1/4 59.5° C7

Shaft & Grip Options
Alta Quick Shaft (35,45)
Lamkin UTX Lite White

Headcover included.

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