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5 Essentials for Beginner Golfers

5 Essentials for Beginner Golfers

You’ve taken up golf. Or maybe you’re thinking about taking up golf. Either way, you’re here for a reason. You’re thinking about what equipment you need, what clubs will work best for you and where you’ll get it. Well, at Halpenny Golf we have created a list of 5 Golfing Essential for Beginners. 

And we are realists. We know golf can be an expensive sport and we also know that at times with all the different clubs and balls and accessories it can appear almost labyrinthine. We want to give you some low-cost, simple recommendations to start you out on your golfing career.

This list isn’t going to cover golf clothing or wet gear because we want to ensure that we are purely covering the basics. We also don’t want you to fall into the same trap the author falls into every time he takes up a new sport, buy all the best gear only to run out of interest a month or two later.

Here we have our recommendations on essential equipment for beginner golfers.

1. Golf Clubs

Alright, let’s start with an obvious one. Golf clubs. The first port of call whenever you are going to start golf is to actually get clubs to play with. And while you might not realise it now, there are a lot of clubs in golf! There are different brands, different types of clubs to suit different levels of players, there are woods and irons and wedges and putters, graphite shafts and stell shafts, lie angles and lofts and lengths.

But you don’t need to worry about any of that.

The main concern for you, as a beginner, is to find a good set or half-set that contains the basic composition of clubs and will give you a solid and cost-effective base upon which you can build your game. 

See below the package sets that we stock in Halpenny Golf for men and ladies. They should set you up well as a first time set as you embark on your golfing career.

2. Golf Balls

Yes, of course you need golf balls! And you might not know it, but not all golf balls are equal…not even close. Some balls are 1-piece construction, all the way up to 5-piece construction. Complex, right?

Don’t worry. That’s where we come in. We know what balls are perfect for people starting golf and which ones you should stay away from until you are a little more experienced. For instance, we aren’t going to suggest to you to go out buying a beautiful new dozen Titleist Pro V1s or Taylormade TP5s. 

We have a great selection of balls to suit your game. See below for our suggestions on golf balls to suit beginners. 

3. Tees

How are you going to bomb your driver down the middle if you don’t have tees? And we’ll give you this piece of advice, buy enough of them. Every golfer knows the feeling of reaching into their bag only to discover they have no tees left and are left to scrounge a couple off their playing partners. 

Tees are often overlooked until the last minute in favour of shiner, sexier pieces of equipment. Have a backup supply of them and keep them in the glove compartment. You’ll thank us later. 

4. Gloves

A glove is a glove is a glove, right? Wrong! In this maddening game even the gloves vary.

First off, do you need a glove? No, not necessarily. Some professional golfers such as Fred Couples and the ironically named Lucas Glover don’t use gloves. However, most do.

What are the benefits of wearing a glove? Grip is the main one. Gloves will especially help in warm weather when your hands get sweaty. There are also gloves designed for wet weather and they will ensure that the club doesn’t going flying from your hands when it is raining. 

Gloves vary in price and quality. See below for our beginner recommendations!

5. Pitch mark repairers

Pitch mark repairers will forever be on our list. There are few things worse in golf than going onto a green and seeing it absolutely riddled with pitch marks. 

What are they? The impression or indentation a golf ball makes when it lands on the green. A correctly repaired pitch mark takes 30 seconds to heal. An unrepaired pitch mark takes 3 weeks to heal.

Etiquette states that you should repair your pitch mark. We prefer to think that any green you go onto you should repair your pitch mark and one other pitch mark. That way it would keep our greens healthier for longer. 

Come prepared to the course. Some players use tees to repair pitch marks but we suggest getting a proper repairer for optimum performance. Check out our recommendations below.

And that’s the end of our 5 Golfing Essentials for Beginners. We hope this helps and that you enjoy your time taking up the game of golf. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on buying guides, the latest golf news and more!!!


Happy golfing,

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