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7 Tips on How to Care for Your Golf Shoes

Golf Shoe Care Guide

Your shoes go through a lot when you’re golfing. Up hills and down hills, rain or shine, sand and stone and grass. Your shoes are the one piece of golfing equipment that travel with you no matter where you go on the golf course.

And yes, we know you have shirts and trousers but they will change on a day-to-day basis. Most of us have one pair of shoes and they act as our faithful partners for every hole we walk.

But do we do enough to look after them? In our experience, no! They get kicked off our feet and flung into the boot of our cars, left to sit until their next day of use comes. How many times have you played in the rain and ended up with your shoes so wet it’s like wearing two buckets of water and then used a hairdryer to dry them? What about all those times you have gotten ready to rip that drive down the middle and your foot has slipped because you’re missing a few spikes?

We don’t take care of our golf shoes properly. Maybe you are the exception to the rule, in which case we salute you. But in our experience, the majority of golfers don’t do enough.

How exactly do you look after your golf shoes? I’m glad you asked. We have previously created care guides on Clubs and Electric Trolleys and now we are doing the same for golf shoes. Read on for our Golf Shoe Care Guide with our 7 Top Tips to Look After Your Golf Shoes.

1. Use a Shoe Horn

If you’re anything like me, you probably wrench the shoes off your feet after every round without undoing the laces and then for the next round you simply cram your feet back in.

Who would have guessed this was bad practice?

First things first, undo the laces before removing your shoes and especially before putting them on again. This will help protect the heel counter of the shoe and will help prevent discomfort and blisters. 

But equally important to protecting those heel counters is a shoe horn. This will help you avoid crumpling and deforming them and keep your shoes looking and performing better for longer.

2. Clean After Each Use

This is a pretty obvious one and something we very rarely do. Sure if the spikes are filled with grass we will give them a hose down with the compressed air or bang them together to get them clean. And on the off chance that we have stepped in a puddle of mud (or something even worse!), then we will take out the Fairy Liquid and brush and give them a scrub. 

But if you clean after each use, especially on those particularly wet and muggy days where a lot of dirt sticks to them, you will help protect them and keep them looking well.

3. Use a Shoe Tree

Shoe Trees are incredibly useful. They help keep the materials in the shoe stretched which will prevent them from losing shape and breaking down. This, in turn, keeps your shoes comfortable and prevent them from becoming damaged.

It’s even better if you can get a cedar shoe tree. As Footjoy report, cedar has an absorbent quality that will help dry out any dampness to your shoes.

4. Keep Out of The Car

Cars can be hot and humid or damp and cold. Two bad combinations for your shoes. If your car is damp, your shoes won’t dry out properly and the material will become damaged. If the car is humid, the good news is that your shoes probably will dry out. Bad news is that you are still going to result in damaging the material of your shoes. 

Show your shoes a little bit of love and don’t leave them outside in the car all alone! 

5. Use 2 Pairs

Alright, alright, I know what you’re thinking. Of course they want me to buy two pairs, that way they make two sales instead of one! Yes and no. If you buy anything from us then we’re very grateful but this piece of advice would actually hurt us in the long run.

Using two pairs means they last twice as long, right? Wrong! By rotating the usage of your shoes you can actually extend their life far beyond the timescale you imagine. 

6. Replace the Spikes

Spikes, cleats, they’re important no matter what you call them. Sure there are spikeless golf shoes which are growing in popularity but spike golf shoes are still used by the majority. 

If you notice that some of your spikes are breaking or have come off entirely then do and replace them with new spikes. Grip and traction are incredibly important in golf and something as simple as putting new spikes in your shoes can be a very effective way of improving your performance. They are also especially useful on those wet mornings when it keeps you solid through your swing and stop you from slipping around like Bambi on Ice.

7. Dry When Wet

Let me paint the scene here. You get home from a tough day’s golf. It was wet, you’re soaking, but you remember to bring your golf shoes inside. You throw them on top of a radiator or use a hair dryer to dry them. 

Bad idea. 

Never use an external heat source to dry your shoes. It can damage the uppers and soles of the shoes and, as I discovered one day, can also short circuit your hair dryer. Who knew! Instead, put newspaper inside them to help absorb the water (it can take between 8-10 hours to fully absorb the excess water) and place them in a shaded area to dry.


And that, quite simply, is that. If you can follow these steps then your shoes will remain in better condition for longer. If you enjoyed this guide then please follow Halpenny Golf on Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Enjoy your golf,

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