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9 Tips on How to Care for Your Golf Clubs

The scenario is the same with every golfer. You have bought a brand-new set of clubs. They’re sleek. They’re shiny. They’re gorgeous. But after a few rounds they start to lose their lustre. Not quite as shiny anymore, not quite as attractive.

You start to wonder about the long-term health of your clubs. What if they rust? What if they break? 

Fear not! At Halpenny Golf we know how important looking after your equipment correctly is. We have suffered our own (un)fair share of broken clubs, rusted shafts and damaged heads and below you will see our 9 Tips on How to Care for Your Golf Clubs!

1. Wash your clubs regularly

Regular washing of your clubs ensures the removal of any bits of dirt, debris or sand that have managed to affix themselves to the face and grooves of your club.

To wash use warm water, Fairy Liquid and a soft nylon brush. Allow the clubs to soak in the water for five minutes before wiping them clean, drying them off and setting them aside. This ensures your clubs will be clean and shiny. And who doesn’t want shiny clubs!

2. Never leave your clubs in the car

It seems like the obvious place to leave the clubs. In the boot of the car. Unfortunately, it’s not the best method of storage for golf club health.

The boot of your car could be damp and not suited to club storage. This will result in rust and potentially breakages. 

The best thing to do is to bring your clubs inside with you after you’ve played. This is especially true if you are storing them away for a long period of time such as during the winter.

3. Use headcovers

Headcovers stop clubs banging off each other, helping to avoid potential damage and also act as a protection when it is raining. 

Generally most, but not all, woods and putters will come with headcovers. If you don’t have a headcover for your woods or putter, then we recommend you purchase some. Iron headcovers are available to use if you want that next level of protection for your clubs.

4. Clean your grooves

A groove cleaner will help you keep your grooves clean while out playing. It keeps them free of dirt and grime which will really help the performance of your clubs, especially your wedges. 

We recommend using the Masters 3-in-1 Multi Cleaner Brush. Small, convenient and incredibly useful.

5. Use a towel and wipe your club in between shots

It’s amazing the amount of dirt that can be picked up in between shots, even though you might not notice it. Be sure to have a towel with you on the course and wipe your clubface clean between shots.

This will help the performance of your clubs but also make them easier to clean afterwards when you are washing them.

6. Dry when wet

We’re all guilty of letting our clubs slow dry after a wet day of golf. This is bad practice and can result in problems including rusting, damaged drips and damaged shafts.

If you’ve been playing golf in wet weather, take the clubs out of the bag and wipe them with a towel and don’t put them back in the bag until the bag has dried off fully.

7. Use your rain hood

Most new golf bags come with rain hoods. It is important to use these, especially on very wet days, as it will help protect your clubs and prevent water from entering the bag and soaking your drips. 

Of course, your clubs will get wet anyway but this helps to ease the amount of water they come in contact with.

8. Inspect your grips

The grips of your clubs are incredibly important and often overlooked. They are the only part of the club you come in contact with and need to be in good condition when you’re playing.

Inspect your grips regularly for cuts, tears or signs of wear. 

9. Clean your grips

Again, the grips are overlooked in the cleaning process. If they are dirty and filled with debris, then you will have less control over the club. 

Dip a soft bristled brush in a container soapy water and scrub the edges of the grip. Next, dip the grip into the soapy water and pat the excess water dry with a towel. Now allow the grips to dry fully and they will be as good as new.


And that’s it! If you can follow these 9 steps, and we’re sure you do most of them already, you will keep your clubs looking and performing better for longer. If you liked this post then please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with all of our business updates and content.

Happy Golfing!


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