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Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

Most of us at some point in our golfing lives will ask the question if we should go for lessons or not. Some choose not to, others choose to take the plunge and visit a local pro. But are they worth it? Answering this isn’t just a case of yes or no. 

There are different types of lessons out there and different ways of learning the game. Some do it themselves, others seek refuge in online lessons or wise words spoken through YouTube. We are now going to look at these approaches and give our verdict on whether or not we think golf lessons are actually worth it!

The Self-Taught Golfer

We have all heard the stories about the self-taught golfer. The one who picks up a club for the first time and swings it so naturally that people ooh and aah and marvel like they had just come down from outer space. The most well-known modern day self-taught golfer is Bubba Watson. A man who can work it any way he wants, pulling off miracle shots and 80-yard hooks for fun. 

And he isn’t the only self-taught golfer who has made it big. 3-time PGA Tour winner Jim Herman is another current player who never had a lesson. Looking a bit further back in time and two of the greatest ball strikers of all time never had a lesson; 6-time major champion Lee Trevino and the incomparable Moe Norman.

While these stories are incredible, admirable and give hope to the Average Joe that with nothing more than a few golf clubs and a can-do attitude they can also ace the game of golf. But it’s unrealistic. 

For every Bubba Watson we hear about, there are a hundred, maybe a thousand other guys who have found success with lessons. How many times have you watched tv and seen a professional at a range with their swing coach behind them, offering up words of wisdom? All the time.

So with regards to being self-taught, yes it’s possible and you could manage to do it very well, but more than likely you will hit a ceiling.

The YouTube Golfer

This partly ties into the above self-taught golfer and partly is in a category all of its own. 

The YouTube Golfer is the person who gets all their tips and tricks and golf lessons on YouTube. Whether it’s a case of the shanks or a dreaded slice, there are no shortage of videos that offer different drills and quick fixes for you to trawl through. And that’s not being critical of them. Some of the advice is superb and might work very well for you. Note the word ‘might’. Just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another. 

And that’s just one of the issues with YouTube Golf tips. Another is, if you start to change something, how do you know you aren’t actually doing more harm than good? How do you know that what you’re doing isn’t throwing something else in your swing out of kilter? Or maybe the part of your swing you think is the problem isn’t actually the issue at all? You could be doing the drills incorrectly. 

There are so many issues that can happen with a video that is produced for the masses rather than getting one-on-one tutelage. Of course, it is accessible and cost effective and because of that people will continue to utilise it.

The Big Question!

Taking all that into account, are golf lessons actually worth it? And we’re going to say a definite yes!

Lessons can be pricey but there is simply no substitute for having an experienced eye watch what you are doing. A pro will be able to pick out your faults and areas to improve. 

There are some caveats we want to mention. Your suitability to golf lessons will also depend on your goals. For instance, do you want to become a quality golfer. Then lessons are definitely the way to go. Are you struggling with faults in your game that you just can’t fix? Then lessons are great for that and a pro might be able to fix whatever problem you’ve been having in only five or ten minutes.

But it is important to know that lessons aren’t a magic wand. The pro can only do so much and then it’s up to you to actually put it into practice. If you are looking for that 5 or 10 minute fix then you might not have to do too much practice but if you are looking to make major changes, simply rocking up to the course once a week isn’t going to cut it. 

Understand your goals and your ambitions. This will help in understanding if you need lessons or not and even what type of lessons you might need. 


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