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Father's Day Gift Guide

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The time of head scratching before a last-minute rush out to the shops to purchase that pair of socks, bottle of expensive shaving foam and a funny card for dads all around the country. 

But it doesn’t need to be like that. Especially for golfing dads. We ship our products within 24 hours so why not get ahead of the crowd and purchase with Halpenny Golf? 

Unsure of what to get? No problem, we understand. Golf can seem like a maelstrom at times, with so many different brands, clubs, training aids, bags and equipment. We’ve put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide to help you navigate these obstacles and to choose the perfect gift for Pops. No matter what type of golfer your dad is, no matter how much he plays, we will have a great gift for him.


The Have-a-Go-Hero Dad

The Have-a-Go-Hero. The Dad who will literally play in any weather conditions, no matter what the season. Whether Jack Frost has gripped the country with icy fingers, or the rain is coming down so hard you need to break out homemade canoe just to make it to the shops, this dad is always ready to golf. 

And despite the sun (mostly!) shining in Ireland recently, we know things never stay that way. The perfect gift for this dad is definitely some new waterproofs. We have a large selection from the best brands and here are some of our top picks.

FootJoy Hydrolite Golf Rain Jacket









FootJoy. Classy, sleek, sophisticated. And guaranteed to keep you dry. The Hydrolite Rain Jacket comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty so you know that it is built to last and has a four way stretch which delivers extreme comfort and range of motion.

This is the lightest rainwear material ever produced by FootJoy and is highly breathable, especially useful on those days when the rain starts and stop every five minutes. It has a waterproof front zipper and is seam-sealed to ensure the player remains dry throughout their round. 

The Hydrolite Rain Jacket also doubles up as a great walking jacket and is very stylish for casual wear. A quality product for a quality dad!


Sunice Edisson Trousers









The Sunice Edisson Gore-Text Paclite Pants are a high quality product and any dad would love to have them. Two of the big issues golfers find with rainpants are fit and water resistance. With the Sunice Edisson pants this neither of these is a concern.

Made from GORE-TEX® with Paclite® technology, these pants are light, breathable, comfy, machine washable and built to keep you bone dry. Sunice are so confident about the waterproofing of the pants that they say it will keep you dry for 8-9 hours of heavy rain and offer a lifetime waterproof guarantee!

Can’t argue with that!


The Range Demon Dad

Is your dad the kind of guy who goes to the driving range two or three times a week? A guy whose motto is “Practice makes Perfect”? Maybe you’ve heard him say the phrase, “I’ve found something in my swing”? Then this is the right section for you. We have previously created an article on 5 Must Have Training Aids to Help Improve Your Game so feel free to check that out for inspiration.

In this guide though we will mention two others. One is something new to our stores and the other is an age-old practice aid.









The Masters Fatplate Turf-Pad is an awesome little device. Too often amateur golfers (the author included!) hit too far behind the ball or release the club too early or come in too shallow. This results in a failure to hit down on the ball, a lack of compression and a lot of poor, mishit shots.

The Fatplate helps to work on this by providing instant visual and auditory feedback for mishit strikes. The Turf pad allows you to work on your swing in all weather and surface conditions and is great for both the long game and chipping.

The Fatplate has a bunch of features such as ball position markings, 25 free StrikeStrips™ and a 24 pages Assisted Learning training guide and practice record so you can keep track of how you are improving.

The Fatplate is a superb training aid that dads everywhere should use.


30% Distance Golf Balls








Not every training aid has to have a high price tag. 30% distance or plastic or foam balls have been around for decades and are even more useful now than they were back when they were first introduced.

Designed to simulate the flight of a real golf ball but only go 30% of the distance they eliminate the worry of dad breaking next door’s window. They are perfect for home-practice and are an essential piece of equipment in any Range Demon Dad’s arsenal. They work very well with the above Fatplate and the two could be purchased together for the perfect home training Father’s Day gift. 


The Gadget Guy Dad

If your dad is the one who is always banging on about the latest gizmo or gadget or piece of tech, then this is gift section is definitely the right one. 

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor








This is a very cool piece of kit. The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) is the only launch monitor that uses the power and convenience of your own iOS device to deliver industry validated, pro-level data to golfers of every skill level. *Please note though that it is only available for use with an iOS device.

It offers professional accuracy for shot distance, ball speed, club speed and launch angle, launch direction and shot shape. It can be set up in only 30 seconds and offers amazing features such as Video Playback, Shot Tracer and Smart Club Recognition. 

It’s a gift on the higher end of the price scale but is something that would completely transform the way your dad practices golf. 


The Garmin Approach S10 GPS Watch is a firm favourite with our customers. It is essential for golfers to know their distances to the pin and hazards and with over 41,000 preloaded courses and free lifetime updates, the S10 will ensure you know your yardages, wherever and whenever you play.

It has a sleek and trendy look as well as a superb battery life of 12 hours when in GPS mode. You can also use Garmin Express™ to keep track of your scores so you can compare later. The S10 is a gift that will delight your dad!


The Style Icon Dad

What can we say? Fashion is his passion. He attracts stares everywhere he goes for his trendy clothes and wears them with pride. Looking to add to his collection? See our two recommendations below!


Oscar Jacobson Sweater








Oscar Jacobsen is a name synonymous with quality, style and if your dad starts wearing this, he will be the talk of the town (not really but you get where we’re going with this!)

The Trent Tour Mid Layer Pewter is modern and made from a polyester and elastane fabric blend that offers enhanced versatility and durability as well as exceptional freedom of movement. The soft brushed inside fabric provides a high level of comfort as well as enhanced body heat retention.

This will keep dad cost yet swinging freely and making him look good while doing it!


Calvin Klein Polo








This smart, classic Golf Campus Polo Shirt will give your dad that no nonsense look whilst packing in all the design and style we've come to expect from Calvin Klein! Featuring a sharp 3-button placket, a new curved shoulder seam for great comfort, subtle branding and a super-soft fabric, your dad will be wearing this both on and off the course!


The Essential Dad

Golf balls






How about getting some essentials for the essential dad? Maybe he isn’t big into his clothing or the practice and can do without the latest tech thank you very much. But there’s always something in golf he would need. 

Whether it’s golf balls or tees or gloves, we have a wide selection of must-haves for your golfing dad, fully searchable on our Father’s Day Homepage. Have a browse, we’re sure there’ll be something that catches your eye!


Thank you for reading this gift guide. We hope it gave you some great Father’s Day ideas to make all the golfing dads out there happy. If you enjoyed it then please feel free to like our Facebook and Instagram pages so that you can stay up to date with our latest content. 

For now though, have a great Father’s Day⛳🏌🏻‍♂️

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