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Tips on How to Care for Your Golf Shoes

Investing in great golf shoes is always important, but at the same time you also want to know how to perform the right golf shoe care as well. Yes, figuring out how to protect golf shoes is crucial if you want them to last for a very long time. Doing that can make a huge difference and it will eliminate a lot of potential concerns that might sometimes arise. It all comes down to assuring yourself that your shoes are taken care of properly, and once you do so the results can be very good.

Things you want to consider when you take care of your golf shoes

Rotate shoes between rounds

The reason you want to rotate golf shoes between rounds is because it helps you increase the lifespan of those shoes. If you don’t rotate them often, your shoes will wear down quicker. Which is why you want to ensure you take good care of the golf shoes by switching from time to time. It’s always crucial to ensure that you rotate them, just to be certain that you avoid any problems. As soon as you do that, the benefits can be great, and that’s what you want to keep in mind. That alone can be totally worth it. So, get more than a pair of golf shoes with you and you will be fine. Also, buy golf shoesthat are high quality, as they will last longer anyway, and with the rotation system it will be even better.

Remove dirt from golf shoes after every golfing session

Whether you buy golf shoes footjoy, puma golf shoes, adidas men golf shoes or ladies golf shoes Ireland, the idea is always the same. You don’t want to leave dirt or water on your golf shoes, as it will damage them in the long run. The great thing about this is that not only do you get a very good way to keep them safe, but the results as a whole can be nothing short of incredible.

What you need here is a good brush that will help eliminate dirt naturally. Brushes or sponges can be ideal in a situation like this, but anything similar will do the trick. The focus is to remove all that dirt and once you do that, the benefits can indeed be very good. That’s especially true if you use that on new golf shoes.

Using a suede and nubuck dry cleaning kit

This kit basically has a rubber and a soft brush for shoes. It’s actually a very good idea because you can use for a more in-depth cleaning system. The main focus is to ensure that you clean those marks that are hard to remove with a brush or a sponge. It does a very good job and the best part is that you can experiment with it in a variety of ways. All you have to do is to test things out for yourself and once you do, the results as a whole can be very good. Just keep that in mind and use it on your men golf shoes, and you will be fine.

Start using shoe cream on the golf shoes

A good way to care for your golf shoes is to use shoe cream. The idea here is that it will help enhance the overall health of your shoes. A good shoe cream is not expensive these days, and that’s actually a great advantage, because you have a tremendous result and very good quality. You can use a shoe brush and then once the cream is in, you can leave it all for 10 to 20 minutes and you will be good to go.

While there, you can also use a shoe whitener. We think this is a great approach because it helps keep the shoe color and it also keeps it vibrant. This works for white shoes, for the other options you can use shoe polish and you will be fine. When it comes to using the whitener, you always want to ensure that less is more, especially if you focus on the toe area. When you buy golf shoes Ireland, you want to focus on quality and value, and making sure everything is handled in the right manner is what you want to pursue here.

Use a shoe horn

A good idea if you want to wear the golf shoes is to use a shoe horn when you put them on. The idea here is to protect your shoe’s heel counter. If you don’t use a shoe horn, that part can get damaged in the long run. That’s the reason why a shoe horn is great whenever you buy tour 360 golf shoes or any other type of shoe. Just focus on quality and value, and in doing so results can be very good. Do that and you will be happy with the quality and benefits brought by this system. The same can be said even for junior shoes.

Remove the laces when cleaning

Removing laces when cleaning golf shoes is one of those simple things that many of us forget to do. The best approach is to remove them because it’s easy to damage laces, they are fragile. Which is why we recommend to clean your golf shoes without any laces, just to be sure. If anything, you will protect them and it also makes the cleaning process a lot more in-depth, which is something to keep in mind.

Also when it comes to removing stuff, you also want to remove the inner sole while cleaning golf shoes. It might not seem like a whole lot, but this is actually a crucial aspect that will make the cleaning experience faster and better. We recommend doing this because it works quite well and you will eliminate a lot of potential concerns that might appear. It’s totally worth it, that’s for sure.

Leave shoe trees in your golfing shoes

A shoe tree is great because it maintains the integrity of your golf shoes. Without one, you will not have the same results and effects, which can be a detrimental situation. Which is why it makes sense to buy some shoe trees and keep them in the golf shoes when they are not in use. That can make a huge difference, and in the end your golf shoes will end up lasting for a lot more time, which is extremely helpful.

How should you store your golf shoes?

That depends on the model and what requirements they have. However, there are a few things that you can focus on here. A golf shoe bag is actually the ideal thing for most of us, because it’s light, easy to carry around, and it will protect your shoes from direct sunlight. In general, UV rays will hurt your shoes, so you want to store them in a place where there’s no direct sunlight. Take care of shoe accessories too, not just the shoes.

Also, think about humidity. Avoid humid spaces because those can end up leading to all kinds of issues for your shoes. If the shoe bag has a ventilated design with great breathability, that can actually be an advantage in your case. You can prevent the bacteria buildup, not to mention you will have less moisture to deal with as well. These things are what really set the tone to deliver amazing results and the value shines because of that.

Check and replace spikes as needed

A good idea is to check the golf shoe spikes and see if they are in working order. The truth is that these spikes will offer good comfort and traction for the most part. But eventually they wear down and it becomes an issue. You do want to have a good grip while playing, so it makes a lot of sense to check that out for yourself. In doing so, the benefits can be great and you will be amazed with the results.

Also, another thing to focus on is to never leave the golf shoes in your car. It might seem like a great idea but that’s actually not the case. In doing so, you expose them to extreme cold and heat. Needless to say, bacteria can accumulate and that becomes an issue. It’s a very important thing to consider and once you do that, the experience only gets better and better.

Use a small toothbrush to remove the dirt and stains

It might not seem like a whole lot, but this idea works and it will convey a very good experience. The main focus is to always keep your shoes clean and prevent any possible problems that might arise. The truth is that using a toothbrush can actually remove a lot of things that you can’t on your own. It makes sense, it’s totally worth the effort, and the experience itself is actually more than interesting all the time. Just try to take that into consideration for the best possible results.


These are the tips and ideas that you want to focus on when taking care of your golf shoes. It’s always a very good idea to ensure that you always have a plan in place to take good care of your shoes. It can take a bit of a trial and error to narrow down everything the way you want. But once you do that, the benefits can be nothing short of amazing. Rest assured that once you start using this system, nothing will stand in your way. Use that as an advantage, follow these tips, and you will have no problem taking great care of your shoes in the long run!

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