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What type of golf balls should you use?

Using the right golf balls is just as important as the golf club you have for every shot. The right type of golf balls can really make a difference when it comes to the way you play. That’s why you want to know which golf balls are the best and how you can pick the right ones based on your shot and other factors.

How can you choose the best golf balls?

When you try to find the right golf balls cheap or expensive, your focus always has to be on quality. But there are a whole lot of other factors that you need to focus on. Getting some new golf balls can be a very good idea, and it’s certainly the type of thing you need to think about. You just need to identify your needs and then ensure you pick the right golf ball that will fit your requirements.


Generally, the golf ball construction matters quite a bit. This changes the way a golf ball reacts with the club. Needless to say, manufacturers are always trying to find new ways to make golf balls better, whether we are talking about golf balls lake, golf balls Srixon or Titleist golf balls. The one piecegolf balls are basic, and they are made from a solid piece, although they have dimples molded in. These can be durable and inexpensive,however the low compression doesn’t make them ideal for longer distances.

Two piecegolf balls have a solid core that’s either resin or acrylate and they get covered by a cut proof blended cover. Yes, here you get a lot more distance and they are known to have a very good quality. Three piece balls have a liquid or solid rubber core, then that’s covered by an enhanced rubber layer or a liquid produced layer, and at the end you get a cover made out of urethan, surlyn or similar materials.

There are also four piece balls that have a solid rubber layer, then the next one is an inner cover, the middle cover and a final layer made out of urethane. These are designed to be soft balls, but they also hit the longest too. And yes, there are five piece golf balls too. They are designed to use more layers and materials to deliver spin separation and higher performance as a whole.

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When we talk about feel for golf balls, that mostly relates to how the ball feels on the face of your club. Some golf balls will feel harder, while others are softer. A golf ball that has a firm feel brings more distance and it’s also more durable. If a golf ball is softer when it comes to feel tends to have a rubber core that’s soft. In this case, the softer golf ballshave better control and spin, yet they lack distance. So you will find yourself trying to figure out what option is ideal, and more often than not that can be quite challenging to deal with.


Compression is important becauseyou get to know what deflection you get when you struck the ball. The value can be from 0 to 200. If the value is closer to 0, that means the ball deflects 5 mm or similar, while 200 means the ball does not compress. The higher compression balls deliver more control, and they are ideal for a player that has fast swing speeds. Low compression balls are known to be softer, and they create more distance thanks to compression.


It’s important to keep in mind that you will find golf balls for sale with a low, mid or high spin. Those golf balls to buy that have a low spin are decreasing the side spin, which can become incredibly important. On top of that, your ball can fly straight in the air without any worries. Mid spin balls are bridging the gap, but they do have a good feel and distance too.

High spin balls are designed to boost the spin your ball has in the air. Usually these golf balls to buy have a good backspin and that leads to a longer carry.


Does it matter if your golf balls have dimples or not? Usually these have dimples because it helps with the overall drag. When you strike the ball, it slows down. As a result, the less area needs to be covered, the less air will affect it. Those dimples make the air molecules to roll. A smooth ball usually has a shorter travel, whereas those dimples can be very beneficial for a player that wants to strike a ball further. So even if it might not seem like a lot, dimples on the Srixon distance golf balls or the lake golf balls are actually very helpful.

Should you buy golf balls second hand?

Some people say that used golf balls are bad for the overall performance, but in reality you will rarely see any major difference. The truth is that used golf balls are not that different to regular, new balls. Yes, they were used beforehand, but in general you don’t feel any difference and that’s what makes them a very good option. You always want to take your time and ensure that you pick the right golf ball style that matters your requirements.

Recycled golf balls or even lake golf balls can be a great pick especially if you have a lower budget. It won’t impact the way you play that much, but you will find yourself enjoying the experience more and the results as a whole can be incredible. It’s all a matter of understanding the challenges and adapting appropriately for the best possible experience.

What golf balls should I use based on personal requirements or skill level?

This varies based on a multitude of factors. What you will notice is that every type of game might require a different golf ball, according to your style, weather conditions and so on. The same thing can be said about your skill level, it will affect how you play. Thankfully, you can find golf balls that suit various styles and requirements, so it’s all a matter of adapting accordingly for the best outcome.

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The ideal balls for high swing speeds

Generally if you have a very high swing speed yourself, you don’t need a distance focused golf ball. Instead, you want a more accurate golf ball if possible. A hard golf ball is usually ideal because the fast swing speeds activate the core in your ball and that will help boost the distance even more.; If you are a low or mid handicap golfer with a high swing speed, then the tour golf balls are ideal because they can bring great performance and suit your style.

Great golf balls for a short game

Some players have trouble improving their short game, and there are golf balls to help you with that. A high spin ball is great, it tends to have 3-4 different layers and those will help you more control over the process. Not only that, but the added control can help enhance your backspin and the experience will be more impressive if you handle it appropriately.

What golf balls should you use for a slice?

If you are dealing with problems when it comes to slices, then you want to focus on a low spin golf ball. These balls can be great because they lower the spin and you can have a straight flight. In the end, it will enhance the way you play and the experience can end up being a great one. Of course there can still be some struggles and challenges, but the approach can indeed make a difference more often than not.

Golf balls for distance

When you try to improve your distance, the ball’s construction is what really matters. Some compare the titleist pro v1 gold balls with the Srixon distance golf balls. The truth is that you want to go with the two piece golf balls that have a large core and they do cover a very good distance. It’s a great idea to test these out and then adapt accordingly for the best possible experience.

Which are the best golf balls for beginners?

Generally, a beginner should choose a two piece golf ball, and if possible it’s a good idea to opt for a soft construction. There’s less spin and the flight is straight, which does help beginners. Also, thanks to the soft ball construction, there’s more forgiveness. It’s a great way to obtain more control and the results themselves can be nothing short of staggering.


One of the main advantages of having different golf ball types is that you can easily check and see which ones work for you. There are always challenges when it comes to finding the right golf balls to buy, but thankfully there’s no shortage of options. All you need to do is to assess the market and find the right ones that suit your requirements. That’s what will give the right results and experience!

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