Cobra King Snakebite Black Wedge - Custom Fit From  €149.00

1 - Hand Choice
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Cobra Hand Choice
It's fair to say that this option is self explanatory...Choose Right Hand if you are Right Handed...Choose Left hand if you are Left Handed.
2 - Loft & Bounce
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Cobra Loft & Bounce

Loft angle affects both trajectory and distance; the more loft, the higher the trajectory. A wedge with more bounce is easier to play from soft sand or grass because it will naturally fight the tendency to dig in. A wedge with less bounce tends to dig more, and is better for firm conditions when digging is more difficult.

Please Note : ** indicates available in Right Hand Only.

3 - Shaft Selection
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Cobra Shaft Selection
This option allows you to choose which shafts you would like to have. There are a number of shaft choices available to meet the different needs of golfers. If there is a particular shaft you require which is not listed please e-mail us to ensure it's availability and compatibility with these wedges.
4 - Shaft Flex
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Cobra Shaft Flex
Choosing a Flex option allows you to decide on a Regular Shaft, (Standard Swing). Stiff Shaft, (Faster Swing). or Xtra Stiff Shaft, (Very Fast and Powerful Swing) Please see Shaft Choices for available Flexes.
5 - Grip Choice
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Cobra Grip Choice
Please Choose the Grip you would like to have on your club.
6 - Grip Size
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Cobra Grip Size
This is where you can choose the size of the grip on your club. Some golfers are happy to play with the standard grip whilst others prefer a thicker grip,i.e. Midsize. The grip thickness is achieved by applying tape to the club shaft underneath the grip. Here you can choose to have between 1 and 5 lengths of tape with 1 being standard and 5 being midsize.
7 - Club Length
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Cobra Club Length
Having the proper golf club length is a key ingredient to being able to make a good golf swing. Clubs that are too short or too long will hinder your ability to rotate and properly transfer your weight during the swing. It could also cause you to ground the club too early if they are too long or top the ball if they are too short.
8 - Lie Angle
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Cobra Lie Angle
Lie angle is the angle between the bottom, or sole, of the golf club and the shaft. Having the proper lie angle is critical if you want the opportunity to make accurate golf shots. The purpose in adjusting the golf club's lie angle is to ensure that the club is resting squarly on its sole when you are addressing your shot. This will help get your swing on the right plane and keep the clubface square at impact. A lie angle that is too upright will cause the heel of the club to hit the ground first, which will close the clubface and produce a pull or hook. A lie angle that is too flat causes the toe to hit the ground first, opening the clubface, which will result in a push or slice.

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The SNAKEBITE Wedge features our most aggressive grooves to date designed to maximize spin, while a versatile notch design delivers versatile shot-making around the greens.
A new face milling pattern and SNAKEBITE grooves maximize spin control in both dry and wet conditions.

Bite Hard
Designed with our most aggressive groove to date, SNAKEBITE Wedges deliver superior control and the BITE your game has been missing.

An ultra precise CNC milled groove uses sharper edges and a larger groove volume to deliver maximum spin.

FULL FACE GROOVES (56, 58, 60)
Full face grooves on the 56, 58, and 60 degree lofts provides maximum spin performance on shots with an open face.

The "versatile" grind features toe, heel and trailing edge relief, the "classic" grind features a progressive sole width from heel to toe, and the "widelow" grind features a wide sole with reduced bounce.

A notch design enhances versatility by enabling the leading edge to sit flush with the turf on open shots. The notch is center-aligned on the 48-56 degree lofts and more heelward on the 58-60 degree lofts.


Loft  Bounce Grind Lei Angle Offset Length Swing Weight Hand
48°  Versatile 64° 1.0 35.75" D2 RH
50° Versatile 64° 1.0 35.75" D2 RH
52°  Versatile 64°  1.0  35.75" D3 RH/LH
*52° 12° Classic 64°  1.0  35.75"  D3 *RH
54°  10° Versatile 64°  1.0  35.5" D4 RH
*56° Wide Low 64°  1.0  35.5" D4 *RH
56°  10° Versatile 64°  1.0  35.5" D4 RH/LH
*56° 12° Classic 64° 1.0  35.5" D4 *RH
*58°  Wide Low 64°  1.0  35.25" D4 *RH
58° Versatile 64°  1.0  35.25" D4 RH
*60° Wide Low 64°  1.0  35.25" D4 *RH
60°  Versatile 64°  1.0 35.25" D4 RH/LH
*60° 11° Classic 64° 1.0 35.25" D4 *RH

Hi-Rev 2.0 (125g) Stiff
Lamkin Crossline (58R) - Black 48g)

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