Cobra King Tec Hybrid - Custom Fit From  €279.00

1 - Hand Choice
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Cobra Hand Choice
It's fair to say that this option is self explanatory...Choose Right Hand if you are Right Handed...Choose Left hand if you are Left Handed.
2 - Loft Choice
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Cobra Loft Choice

Please choose the Loft you require.

3 - Shaft Selection
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Cobra Shaft Selection

Please Choose the Shaft you require in your Club. There are many different shafts available to suit differing abilities and needs.

Recoil 480 ESX available in A Flex, Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff
MCA MMT Hybrid 70 available in Regular
MCA MMT Hybrid 80 available in Stiff, X-Stiff
Project X Catalyst 60 available in 5.5
Project X Catalyst 80 available in 6.0, 6.5
HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black 90 available in 6.0, 6.5
KBS Hybrid Proto 85 available in Stiff, X-Stiff
KBS Hybrid Proto 95 available in Stiff, X-Stiff
F-Max Airspeed available in Ladies, A Flex, Regular, Stiff
Cobra Ultralite Hybrid available in Ladies, A Flex, Regular, Stiff
Recoil 450 ESX available in Ladies

4 - Shaft Flex
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Cobra Shaft Flex
Please Choose the Flex you require.
5 - Grip Choice
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Cobra Grip Choice
Please Choose the Grip you would like to have on your club.
6 - Grip Size
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Cobra Grip Size
This is where you can choose the size of the grip on your club. Some golfers are happy to play with the standard grip whilst others prefer a thicker grip,i.e. Midsize. The grip thickness is achieved by applying tape to the club shaft underneath the grip. Here you can choose to have between 1 and 5 lengths of tape with 1 being standard and 5 being midsize.
7 - Club Length
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Cobra Club Length
Having the proper golf club length is a key ingredient to being able to make a good golf swing. Clubs that are too short or too long will hinder your ability to rotate and properly transfer your weight during the swing. It could also cause you to ground the club too early if they are too long or top the ball if they are too short.

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The KING TEC Hybrid features advanced technologies to create a hybrid that fits within the better player category. PWRSHELL Technology, a lightweight carbon crown and an adjustable weighting system delivers high launch and powerful ball speed.

Packed with innovative technologies, the KING TEC Hybrid is designed for better players who seek a utility club that delivers reliable carry distance and enhanced forgiveness off the tee and on longer approach shots into par 5’s 

Technology packed to help you go the distance. A forged PWRSHELL face cup, carbon crown, and an adjustabile weight and lofts system gives you reliable performance off the tee and on long approach shots.

A forged PWRSHELL face cup design wraps around the sole to return more energy to the ball at impact for maximum speed.

A lightweight carbon fiber crown saves 10g to lower CG and deliver high launch with reduced spin for increased carry distances.

The KING TEC Hybrid is fully adjustable so you can hit any shot you need. Two 12g tungsten weights can be positioned in the toe, heel, and front settings so you can fade it, draw it, or hit straight bullets. The loft is adjustable up to +/- 1.5 degrees so you can achieve your desired shot height and landing angle.

TOE SETTING - Neutral to fade-biased flight / High Launch, Low Spin

HEEL SETTING - Neutral to draw-biased flight / Highest Launch, Low Spin

FRONT SETTING - Neutral flight / Straightest Mid-High Launch, Fastest Ball Speed, Lowest Spin

Premium Hybrid Performance:

  • Forward CG
  • Tour Oversize Shape
  • Less Offset Hosel
  • Movable Weights
  • MyFly Sleeve
  • PWRshell Face
  • Lightweight Carbon


Club Loft Loft Settings
-1.5° / -1.0° / -1.0° Draw / STD° / STD° Draw / +1.0° / +1.0° Draw / +1.5°
Adjustability Length with
Length with
Standard Grip
2H 15.5° / 16.0° / 16.0° Draw / 17.0° / 17.0° Draw / 18.0° / 18.0° Draw / 18.5° 58.50° Heel / Toe / Front 41.50" 41.25" D0 X, S, R RH
3H 17.5° / 18.0° / 18.0° Draw / 19.0° / 19.0° Draw / 20.0° / 20.0° Draw / 20.5° 59.00° Heel / Toe / Front 40.75" 40.50" D0 X, S, R RH/*LH
4H 19.5° / 20.0° / 20.0° Draw / 21.0° / 21.0° Draw / 22.0° / 22.0° Draw / 22.5° 59.50° Heel / Toe / Front 40.00" 39.75" D0 X, S, R RH/*LH
5H 22.5° / 23.0° / 23.0° Draw / 24.0° / 24.0° Draw / 25.0° / 25.0° Draw / 25.5° 60.00° Heel / Toe / Front 39.25" 39.00" D0 X, S, R RH

Shaft Option
Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Torque Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter
MCA MMT 80 X-Stiff 88g Mid 3.6 Mid Mid 0.370
MCA MMT 80 Stiff 85g Mid 3.7 Mid Mid 0.370
MCA MMT 70 Regular 73g Mid 4.2 Mid Mid 0.370

Grip Option
COBRA Lamkin Crossline Connect - Black

Experience seamless COBRA CONNECT™ technology and automatic shot tracking Powered by Arccos Golf®. Experience an A.I. platform that features, Arccos Caddie Rangefinder, Smart Distance Club Averages, Strokes Gained Analytics and Caddie Advice to help all golfers make smarter decisions, improve faster and shoot lower scores.​

Note: Due to global shortages outside our control, Cobra Golf currently has no stock of the Arccos sensors, and are unable to secure a date for when these will be available from Arccos (the supplier). All Cobra golf clubs ordered with an Arccos grip option will have non-active sensors fitted at the butt end of the grip. Customers who receive these non-active sensors will be able to claim the active sensors from Arccos directly when setting up the app, and these will be sent to you once Arccos has the available stock. Again, please note that all new orders for Cobra golf clubs will exclude active Arccos Sensors on Arccos Grips. 

Headcover included in price.

Please note that custom fit clubs are custom made to your specifications, so please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

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