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Ladies Golf Club Buying Guide


Tailored for women, drivers feature a slightly smaller head size, typically around 440 cc, and lofts ranging from 12-16 degrees. This design promotes optimal launch angles and increased carry distance. Skilled female players can achieve average distances ranging from 150 to 220 yards or more off the tee.


Fairway Woods

Crafted with a focus on balance and control, women's fairway woods often utilize lightweight materials such as graphite. With a smaller head than men's clubs, they offer versatility for fairway shots and navigating light rough. Distances can range from 120 to 180 yards, providing reliable options for varying scenarios on the course.



Women's hybrids, designed to bridge the gap between fairway woods and irons, prioritize ease of use and forgiveness. Versatile in various lies, they offer a combination of distance and control. Distances can vary but typically range from 90 to 150 yards, catering to the needs of female golfers in different situations.


Iron Sets 

Tailored iron sets for women cover a range from 5-iron to pitching wedge or gap wedge. Customization factors like loft, lie, and shaft flexibility contribute to optimized performance. On average, a 7-iron may cover distances from 90 to 150 yards, providing versatility for mid-range shots.



Women's wedges, including pitching, sand, and lob wedges, focus on precision in the short game. Ranging in loft from 48 to 64 degrees, they excel in achieving controlled trajectories around the green. Distances vary, with pitching wedges typically covering 70 to 100 yards, sand wedges around 60 to 90 yards, and lob wedges for shorter, higher shots.



Putters for women are designed for accuracy on the green. With considerations for length, weight, and head shape, women's putters cater to a more comfortable and effective putting experience. Distances are minimal, with putters primarily used for short, controlled strokes to guide the ball into the hole.


Golf Starter Sets

Tailored for female beginners, golf starter sets include women's-specific woods, irons, putter, and a bag. While distances may vary, these sets prioritize ease of use and learning the fundamentals of the game, providing new female golfers with a comprehensive introduction to the sport.

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