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How to Choose the Right Golf Grip for Your Golf Club

Buying the best golf grips is very important if you want to improve your game. The reality is that every club’s grip, shaft and head matters, however the golf grip grips are the only ones connected to the golfer. This is the point where you touch the golf club and bring in all the force needed to shoot the ball directly towards its destination. Making sure that you choose the best golf grip is very important, and that’s why we are here to help with some great tips and tricks.

Measure your hands

Whenever you want to buy any golf grips, it’s imperative to start with your hands. Having a custom fitting of your hands is important, since not all golf grips Ireland might offer you the value and results that you want. Generally, the best golf grips have to be proportionate to your hand size. That’s how you can be certain that you get the right movement. It doesn’t matter how often to get new golf grips, the focus is always on performance and having a very good fit.

When your grips are very small, your hand can over rotate and automatically that makes your club very hard to handle. This is how you can end up with stray shots. If you customize the grip sizing once you measure your hands, these things disappear. All you have to know is where to buy golf grips and also what size you need. Once you know that, the benefits can be great and that’s what leads to a much better experience in the long run.

Also, when you buy the golf grip Lamkin or from any other company, you do want to consider moisture. Sweating or climate conditions can affect the way you play, and that’s something that can be very difficult to control. You need to find the right approach to deal with that, which might end up being rather challenging. This is where the grip texture shines, which combines the right surface design with a great material can really make a huge difference. You can get a much better hold for your club, and that means better swing control. That’s why having the right measurements helps, and adapting to the way you play and the weather is just as important.

The grip size can be undersize for Small glove sizes, Standard for the large or medium gloves and Midsize/jumbo for the Extra Large gloves. It’s a great idea to check it out for yourself, since it does convey a very good value if you know what to buy and what size works for you. You can try the Tour Wrap 2G White .60 RND or the 2020 VSN Midsize Putter Grip Black for a great experience!


When it comes to getting the best golf grips for sale, we think that firmness also plays a major role. What this means is just how malleable the grip material really is. What we noticed is that a firm golf grip will actually deliver a very good torsion control. That’s what you need if you are looking for a very powerful swing. Most professional golfers go with a firm grip because they want to have that extra swing power when they play. It’s not mandatory, but it certainly adds to your game and it pushes the experience to new heights.


Another thing you want to consider when you buy a golf grip is definitely the material used for these grips. Generally, you will either have to choose synthetic rubber grips or regular rubber grips. The reason why rubber is used for these grips is because it’s very easy to shape, and you can hold it without any issues. Plus, it also delivers a great firmness, which as we mentioned above can add to the swinging power. That doesn’t mean it will automatically improve your game, but it certainly adds up and it can bring that extra power you need as you play.

There are rigid models when it comes to rubber grips, just like you will also find soft models. That means you will have different smoothness and shock intake options to focus on. What you will notice is that there are also really light rubber grips, which is great if you want to have a faster and better swing. All these things matter and they can make a huge difference if you manage it correctly.

They also have a mix of regular and synthetic rubber named corded grips. They have fabric threading and this brings in a lot of friction, which helps convey a surface that’s not very smooth. Corded grips are usually a bit heavier when compared to rubber models, which is something to keep in mind.

You will find other models named the wrap golf grips. These are similar to the older leather grips found on some of the antique models. The fact that they are made out of leather makes them ideal for those people who dislike corded or rubber grips. Generally, if you like golfing, you want to test out all of these and see what works for you. In the end, all of them can be a very good option, and the benefits are among some of the best every time. That’s what makes it so well worth the effort, especially in a situation like this. The Tour Wrap 2G Red .60 RND is a great example of a reliable grip used by lots of professional players. Another one would be the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 Grip Standard Black/Grey.

Some people will choose polyurethane because they see it as bringing a much better comfort and value. So it’s all over the place in some situations, because rubber is great for performance, while here you get comfort. There are companies that actually combine the two in hybrid models with better traction. Again, studying the market is crucial in situations like these, and it has the potential to convey some incredible results.

Should you taper or not taper your golf grip?

Generally, you don’t want to taper your grips at app. Some people want to taper them because they think it adds more grip and convenience to the entire process. It’s all a matter of making sure that you handle the process correctly and doing that right can indeed make a huge difference. With that being said, some think that tapering reduces tension and you can have a more consistent swing. As you can see, the rationale is all over the place, and there are no studies to suggest tapering is a suitable or important thing to focus on. Whether you want to get some golf grips for putters or for a regular club, this can be something to try out, but it won’t really make a huge difference.

Does it matter what texture you choose?

The way golf club grips feel is important because it’s the one thing that gives you comfort and control as you play. What we noticed is that you want to test out the texture or at least figure out what sits better in your hand. Some go for the cord club grips because they have all weather traction, better control and nice feedback.

However, if you are the type of player that wants to play without a glove, you want to choose wrap designs, as those are the ones that can make a huge difference. All the minor things matter here, since everything from the way ridges are aligned to the traction can play a role on what grips you choose. You can go for the best selling grips because they are proven to deliver great value and customers enjoy them immensely. Of course, you can always test out the latest technologies with new golf grips. There’s definitely no shortage of options, you just want to make sure that you find the right choice and obtain the right results every time.

Can you save golf grips?

Many golf players are wondering can you save golf grips or not. The reality is that most golf grips for sale can be removed and reused. You don’t need to throw them away. If you take good care of your grips, these will last for a very long time, and that’s exactly the thing you want to take into consideration here. If your grips are very old, then replacing them is important. You can remove them via cutting. Remember to learn how to clean golf grips if you want them to work great in the long run.

Do thicker golf grips help?

Many players are wondering do thicker golf grips help, and for a good reason. When you think about having a great grip, things like thickness can play a major factor. Based on our experience, a thicker grip can actually mitigate your action if you swing too much with your hands and your fingers in particular. Of course, each one of us has a different preference, so it’s all a matter of figuring out what works for you and what delivers the best value.

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As you can see, there are a variety of golf club grips you can choose from. The Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip (150) is a great choice, just like the Tour Velvet Junior TVJ-50X or the Dri Tac Medalist Pistol Putter Grip Dark Grey. It’s all a matter of what grips you want and which ones deliver the best value and quality. Don’t rush, take your time and give these a try, in the end you will have no problem finding the right grips that fit your play style.

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